Hello dark mode my old friend

Google Trends: Dark mode (copied in light mode)
Hey Simon & Garfunkel, no need to be so dramatic

What would you gain from adding dark mode to your web application?

Cron To Go, light mode


Cron To Go, dark mode


  • Re-evaluate your color palette — generally speaking, in dark mode, desaturated colors work and look much better to help achieve that classy feeling.
  • Make sure to measure the contrast ratio and adapt the colors you use for better readability. Think of buttons, tags, notifications, but don’t forget about your logo, mascot and images used across your app and website.
  • Choice and defaults — once introduced, it’s good to start with the user’s system default mode: a nice surprise for anyone who has dark mode already set up. However, some people prefer the previous design even if they use dark mode in their OS, so it’s a good idea to let your users make a choice, which, in turn, may help you learn something about them too.




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We created a range of accessible UI Colors

Examples of accessible text/background styles. Very light green on a darker green for positive feedback; Very light red on a darker red for errors; Very light blue on a darker blue for notifications; Grey on black for diverse messages.

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We build and buy awesome SaaS apps!

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